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The Minnesota Great River Road Corridor Management Plan is available online! To view the full list and download all of the Corridor Management Plan supporting documents – click on “Project Documents.”

The Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway Commission (MN-MRPC), Legislative Coordinating Commission and Minnesota Department of Transportation are grateful for the input, assistance and support provided by partners and byway travelers during development of the 2016 Minnesota Great River Road Corridor Management Plan (CMP).

Special thanks to funding partners – Federal Highway Administration/National Scenic Byways Program, National Park Service, and Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The Corridor Management Plan - developed over 18 months with statewide citizen and byway partner input - provides that plan, capturing and cataloging the Great River Road’s needs and opportunities.

The CMP includes thematic goals, objectives, and strategies that support the mission of the MN-MRPC by recommending ways to preserve, promote and enhance the scenic, historic and recreational resources of the Mississippi River, to foster economic growth in the corridor and to develop the national, scenic and historic byway known as the Great River Road during the next 15 years. The CMP is organized around five goals, 15 objectives, and 90+ specific strategies; and also includes a business plan, communications plan and facilities management plan.

Four initial action items were identified to meet the most urgent needs and move toward accomplishment of the greatest number of strategies. They are -

  • Wayshowing Signage
  • Plan Your Trip Interactive Mapping Tool (for travelers)
  • Plan Your Project Interactive Mapping Tool (for byway and resource managers)
  • Great River Road Ambassador Development

753 specific resources were identified, described and mapped along the byway, which spans 565 miles, six destination areas, 20 counties, 43 communities, and three tribes.

We look forward to working with you to improve the experience for Great River Road travelers, residents and partners alike; while celebrating the magic that is the Mighty Mississippi River!

Interactive Map

Points of interest identified by the public and the Corridor Management Plan field team have been mapped. See below to sort by type and select individual points for additional site information and driving directions.

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Scenic Overlook
Education and Interpretation
Natural Area
Traveler Amenities
Other Points of Interest

Driving Directions

Click here to download Minnesota Great River Road Driving Directions. To provide feedback on driving directions, please use the comment box located in the Contact tab at the top of this page.


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